Readymade covers for all your needs in 4 quality materials to meet all your requirements

  • 1. Polyweave - woven high density polyethylene with a UV inhibitor and a waterproof compound.

Polyweave will perish if exposed to direct sunlight over a period of time.

Colours - Avo, Silver and Black


  • 2. Polyester 600 D - is a plain weave Polyester with a PVC backing, it is waterproof, but is not UV treated.

Polyester will perish in direct sunlight over a period of time.

Colours - Beige, Brown, Grey and Khaki.


3. PVC clear is UV treated for outdoor use.

Colour - clear


4. Ripstop UV 260grm is a perfect for harsh climatic conditions in Africa. 

It has a UV block as well as water proofing and water repellencey.

Ripstop UV 260grm will retain its strength after years of use.

Colours and thickess - Beige 260grm, Taupe 260grm, Dove grey 260grm, Charcoal 320grm, Olive 260grm - (Black - only available in 400grm - Custom covers range)


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